Accurate, proven, reliable, affordable.


 The original and best choice in machine torch protection for PlasmaCAM users.

The best light industrial CNC plasma machine torch protection system on the market.

Developed by an experienced user in 2010
to make the job safer, faster and, more accurate

In case of a high speed torch collision, the Snap 'n Cut mount is designed to breakaway, saving the torch from damage and allowing fast, accurate reattachment.

 The Snap 'n Cut also allows for fast, safe consumable changes!
Instead of hanging upside down, skinning knuckles on grates or dropping consumables into the bowels of the table, the Snap 'n Cut mount simply breaks away, allowing you to change consumables outside the table area then, snaps back into place, accurately and securely.


This is a no fuss accurate tool.

 No more cussing, using tiny squares to try and align the hand torch to the material, using just the retainer as reference, instead it's just a simple matter of using a square on the material to get the torch aligned accurately.
Because all components are CNC machined,
the Snap 'n Cut mount remains true and square to the material at all times.


All aluminium components are anodized and, the metal plate is also zinc coated for added protection.

 The standard Snap 'n Cut breakaway mount will accept all 1.3/8" (35mm) diameter air plasma machine torches.
There are also different size clamp blocks to suit 1.75" and 2" Hi Def torches available.
It is particularly suited to the new range of Hypertherm Duramax quick release and retrofit range of torches.
The mini-machine torch is an obvious choice for its weight saving advantage. 


  The Snap 'n Cut is manufactured in several different versions:

PlasmaCAM DHC and DHC2 tables. (GoTorch, 4X4 and, Samson)

Universal mount for most tables.

** All are available in 35mm,  Powermax 125 plus, 2" HiDef  configurations.**

The universal Snap 'n Cut breakaway mount is made to suit the majority of light industrial CNC Plasma tables.

 It comes with four mounting points through the base plate and, a further two threaded screw holes on both side faces, making for easy mounting to almost any system.
(Allen head mounting screws and drilling template supplied)


All Snap 'n Cut mounts are supplied with a minimum 25kg clamping pressure design.

We have always used Rare Earth Neodymium magnets.

All mounts have secure locating lugs and, are devoid of novelty items.

Advanced grate plans for PlasmaCAM users

Due to the design of the  PlasmaCAM & Samson DHC2 and DHC Snap 'n Cut  torch mounts, the machine torch actually mounts further away from the carriage so, also included with the PlasmaCAM package are, emailed plans
 for a vastly improved grate system, complete with revised table stop location points to suit the new mounting location of the machine torch, without any loss to the cutting area**
These plans enable the user to plasma cut the support frames themselves and, are designed to be easily replaced when worn out.
This advanced grate system has been in use for a number of years and, is being used by many happy PlasmaCAM users the world over.

**When using Design Edge software, unless you have the custom table size option, around 35mm of table length will be lost switching to the Snap 'n Cut and machine torch.

For 99.99% of users, it's a tiny sacrifice, worth making.


35mm Universal mount

 US $225.00   

35mm PlasmaCAM DHC2 mount

US $225.00 

Powermax 125 mount (Universal and PlasmaCAM)

US $255.00  

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